Historic Homes

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Hammond Harwood House
The Hammond-Harwood House is a masterpiece of architectural design. It has been described as “the most beautiful house in colonial America”.

James Brice House: The Awkward Middle Child In A Family Of Beauties
James Brice tried (and sometimes succeeded) to advance the already considerable accomplishments of pre-revolutionary Annapolis architecture with this commanding house on the corner of Prince George and East Streets. 

Elegance & Sophistication: The Chase-Lloyd House
The Architecture of the Chase-Lloyd House is expertly proportioned and tailored. The conservative presentation the the street belies the exuberant interior decorative woodwork.

Ogle Hall
The Golden Period of Annapolis colonial mansion building starts with Ogle Hall, built between 1739 and 1742. It takes its name from the Ogle family, who lived here from 1747 to 1815. Famous visitors to the house include George Washington and the Marquis de Lafayette. Ogle Hall is now known as Alumni House and is home to the Naval Academy Alumni Association.

Jonas and Anne Catherine Green House
Balance, flexibility, and enduring architectural design are some of the features that have sustained this building’s unaltered longevity. This is one of the “greenest” houses in America.

Randall House: The First Modern House In Annapolis
The Alexander Randall duplex is “modern” architecture because it makes an emotional artistic statement: the wonderment of organic earthly life.

Bordley-Randall House
The Bordley-Randall House is the first five-part plan house built in Annapolis.