St. John's College

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McDowell Hall at St. John's College: The First Maryland Governor's House
The story begins in 1744 with Colonial Governor Thomas Bladen starting construction on the official residence, but unfortunately work stopped for lack of funds. “Bladen’s Folly” stood as a ruin for nearly fifty years. In 1788 the building was completed with a third floor, roof and bell tower cupola, and has been in use by St. John’s College ever since.

Bohl Architects completed a 1989 restoration of McDowell Hall that updated its electrical and mechanical systems and corrected safety deficiencies while protecting the historic fabric of the building. The result was recognized by the 1991 Preservation Award of the Maryland Historical Trust, and the 1990 Award for Excellence in Architecture from the American Institute of Architects. You can read more about the restoration by visiting

Paul Mellon Hall, St. John's College
Bohl Architects renovated and designed an addition to Mellon Hall, which was designed in 1959 by modernist architect Richard Neutra. The addition was awarded the 1989 Citation of Merit from the American Institute of Architects.